Hunting Knives: A Guide


If you are a hunter, then you really need to have a high quality hunting knife. Hunting knife is not only used for hunting but it also serves different purposes. You can either use it to hunt animals, or you can even use it to cut trees and plants. Thus, hunting knives can be really useful especially in times of survival. Of course, to make your hunting knife useful, you must know the different kinds of hunting knives. In that way, you may be able to know how to use it. There are lots of variations of hunting knives and best hunting bows under 500 and it can be really tricky, hence, you must have a thorough process in selecting your hunting knife.

As what is mentioned above, there are variations of hunting knives. They are as follows; Fixed blade knives, folding knives, pocket knives and lockback folding knives. It is right to know everything about hunting knives if you are interested about it so that you may be able to use it properly. To know more about these knives, they will be discussed below.

o Fixed blade knives – This is probably one of the most famous hunting knives. Aside from its durability, it also has a sharp blade that extends all the way to its handle. Just perfect to use for hunting large animals. Although it cannot be folded, it is still safe to use because it is usually kept in a sheath that are attached in a belt.

o Folding knives – The benefit in using a folding knife is that, it is safe to use. You can always fold it anytime when you are not using it. Also, because it can be folded it can also easily bring anywhere because it is portable and it has a very light weight. But you also have to consider hunting knife reviews wherein you could read that the folding knife is not as strong and durable compared to the fixed blade knife.

o Pocket knives – This type of knife is a close-packed knife. It can easily be brought anywhere and it can help in different tasks. You may use it to cut ropes, to skin and you can even use it to cut branches of tress. The good thing here is that, despite it is small, you can still perform a lot of tasks with the use of it. Some are even provided with nail cutter, corkscrew and bottle opener.

o Lockback folding knife – This is a small knife but very versatile because of its locking action.


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